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Buzz Jacobs is a Harvard-educated strategist, mentor, and investor with a distinguished background spanning business, politics, marketing, and public affairs.

He has held critical roles at The White House and in presidential campaigns, showcasing his exceptional strategic and leadership abilities.

Known for his visionary and action-driven approach, Buzz has successfully bootstrapped companies and provided top-tier services to notable figures in both politics and business.

Buzz's experience includes senior roles in two presidential campaigns and significant contributions to U.S. border security and immigration reform.

His extensive background allows him to offer insightful advice to entities in politics and business. Companies seeking strategic direction benefit from his ability to identify opportunities and drive transformative change.

Buzz is a seasoned communicator, adept at creating impactful marketing and communications strategies. His advice is often sought in navigating the intricacies of campaigns and public affairs.

Holding a Master's degree in Public Policy from Harvard and a Bachelor's in Finance from the University of Alabama, Buzz combines academic rigor with practical experience.


As a co-founder and founder, Buzz bootstrapped an advertising agency, as well as a technology company, to deliver millions of dollars of marketing, sales, advertising, and consulting services for clients, which included big names like Lockheed Martin Technologies, Marriott International, Americans for Prosperity, Congressional Leadership Fund, Republican National Committee, National Republican Congressional Committee, Republican State Leadership Committee, Alabama Farmers Federation, and dozens of Gubernatorial, U.S. Senate, U.S. House, and lower ballot campaigns. 

As an entrepreneur, he has participated in nearly every aspect of operating a business and, through his experiences and broad skill set, adds substantial value to the teams on which he participates and to the companies in which he invests.  

To that regard, Buzz has recently co-founded and launched a company dedicated to making allergy testing and treatment more accessible and efficient for everyone. Through this venture, and in conjunction with his partners, Buzz is helping to close a market gap and bring innovation and much needed services to the public.  

In business and politics, Buzz has led cross-functional teams under intense pressure and high levels of media scrutiny. He is a proven strategist and skilled executioner with a proven ability to successfully tackle complex management, public affairs, and public relations challenges. 

He is also an experienced communicator, who has developed both public relations and earned media strategies and given hundreds of national, state, and local TV, radio, and print interviews. 

Political and Media Strategist

Buzz has been involved in politics for over 25 years. During this time, Buzz served in senior roles on two presidential campaigns, helped retired 3-star Marine General Jack Bergman become the highest-ranking veteran to ever serve in the U.S. Congress, and contributed to electoral victories of candidates at all levels, and helped numerous campaigns and issue advocacy organizations win elections and achieve their strategic, communications, and public affairs goals.

For Bergman, Buzz helped devise the strategy to scale and grow his campaign, and develop the brand that transformed Bergman from an outsider with single digit support in the polls to a four-term Member of Congress with double digit victories. He continues to advise Bergman.

In conjunction with his world worldclass team, Buzz has written and produced scores of TV, digital, direct mail, and SMS advertisements. On more than one occasion, Buzz's ads have gone viral and his advertising strategies have generated victories and invaluable earned media for the candidates he has helped. On more than one occasion, his ads have generated significant national and international news.  

Given his broad political experiences and proven results, people regularly seek Buzz's counsel on issues related to campaigns, politics, and public affairs.

Advisor to Major Presidential Campaigns

Buzz has served on three major U.S. presidential campaigns. In 2016, he served as a Senior Advisor to Marco Rubio's campaign, where he deployed to South Carolina to act as the senior campaign representative in the critical presidential primary state. Buzz developed and implemented a strategy to defeat all Republican presidential primary candidates, except Donald Trump (the campaign's goal at the time); address and correct functional and management problems within the organization; serve as a South Carolina based spokesperson to national, state, and local media outlets; manage relations with key donors and elected officials supporting Senator Rubio; and manage a cross-functional team of staff and volunteers. Rubio's achievement in South Carolina was the high point of his presidential campaign.

In 2008, Buzz served as the Southeast Regional Political Director and South Carolina State Director during the 2008 Republican Primary, where he led the team that helped John McCain rebound against all odds to win the South Carolina Republican Primary. He went on from South Carolina to help lead the Florida primary campaign, another crucial victory in McCain's efforts to win the Republican nomination for President.

Following those victories, Buzz served as the Southeast U.S. Regional Campaign Manager for the General Election. In this capacity, he managed the campaign in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. He managed multi-levels of staff and volunteers totaling thousands of people and served as a spokesperson to media outlets, where he regularly interviewed with national, state, and local media.

Buzz also managed John McCain’s winning Massachusetts Primary campaign during the 2000 primary fight against George W. Bush.

White House Advisor

Buzz served on The White House staff for three years, where he played an important role in shaping one of the President's top initiatives - securing the U.S. Border and reforming the immigration system, which remains a perennial hot button political issue. The White House is the place where politics and policy collide under intense pressure, and immigration reform is at the top of the list of the toughest issues tackled in any White House. As part of his work at the White House, Buzz played a leading role in coordinating the deployment of thousands of National Guard troops to the Southwest Border, a major "scaling up" initiative.

Buzz served as a member of President George W. Bush's White House staff for three years, first working in the West Wing as the Special Assistant to the Deputy Homeland Security Advisor before being promoted to Director of Immigration Security Policy and Associate Director of Border and Transportation Security Policy.

As a Director on the National/Homeland Security Council staff, Buzz helped shape homeland security policy at the highest levels of the U.S. government. He worked on numerous classified and unclassified initiatives to counter terrorism, enhance security along U.S. borders, strengthen immigration enforcement, and protect the United States transportation system.

While at the White House, Buzz chaired numerous interagency Working Group meetings with senior executives from across government, helped lead Assistant-Secretary-level Policy Coordinating Committee meetings, and attended numerous Deputy-Secretary-level Deputies Committee meetings. He played an integral role in the deployment of U.S. National Guard troops to the U.S. Southwest Border in 2006 and worked closely with senior White House officials on immigration reform initiatives. Buzz also negotiated the security aspects of the trilateral Security and Prosperity Partnership with Canada and Mexico, announced by President Bush, the President of Mexico, and Prime Minister of Canada in 2005.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Strategist

Buzz is also proud of the work he did at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the wake of the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks. There, he served as a strategist to help reengineer and transform the FBI to be better equipped to respond to growing threats to U.S. national security. 

Harvard University and University of Alabama Graduate

He holds a Master in Public Policy Degree from Harvard University and a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Alabama.

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